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Thermal Imaging Electrical Contractors, Texas

Thermal Imaging Electrical Contractors, Dallas, TXBox Systems Electrical has the experience and knowledge needed for infrared inspections of electrical and mechanical systems. Thermal Imaging is currently the finest preventive maintenance tool available in the industry. We can help your company reduce costly downtime, increase system reliability, improve efficiency, eliminate escalating repair bills, and provide a safer work environment. Infrared thermography also lowers both insurance costs as well as repair costs by detecting problems before they become potential hazards.


Electrical Systems Inspections

Potential Issues Identified

  • Motors

  • Motor Control Centers

  • Bus Connections

  • Circuit Breakers

  • Power Transformers

  • Cooling System Controls

  • Fuse Stress

  • Contact Wear

  • Loose Connections

  • Circuit Overloading

  • Phase Imbalances

Infrared thermography can identify issues well in advance before they become serious problems. This provides the benefit of being able to correct the problem during normal maintenance cycles while avoiding the hassles, expense and lost production of unscheduled emergencies. Utilizing infrared thermography, Box Systems Electrical can perform thermographic electrical inspections without disrupting normal operations.